Starr Faithfull in New York

Although Starr Faithfull lived for only 25 years, she inspired several authors to write about her. Born January 26, 1906 in Evanston, IL, Starr died in June 1931 after a Long Island boat party.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Starr Faithfull: 75th Anniversary

Early June 1931 - - 75 years ago. The body of STARR FAITHFULL was slumped over a bed of seaweed on a deserted stretch of sand. Her corpse had washed up in Long Beach, and five Nassau County detectives arrived to inspect the crime scene and decide: murder or mischance? On the morning of 8 June 1931, The Nassau Daily Review had much to say. So did The New York Times and most other papers.

• • Occasionally on Ebay, buyers can spot an old headline about STARR FAITHFULL buzzing through an archival publication. An inquest at Jefferson Market Courthouse put her in the news after her death, although her short lifetime in Greenwich Village was unremarkable.
• • Riders passing through the P.A.T.H. station, where 25-year-old Starr was noticed on the last day of her life, occasionally report seeing a brunette with shingled hair, apparently hennaed, wearing a fancy silk party dress and carrying a light spring coat with a fur collar. And she's in a hurry, a terrible hurry.
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