Starr Faithfull in New York

Although Starr Faithfull lived for only 25 years, she inspired several authors to write about her. Born January 26, 1906 in Evanston, IL, Starr died in June 1931 after a Long Island boat party.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Starr Inspired "The Love Thieves"

THE LOVE THIEVES by Peter Packer
[NY: Signet, 1963]
An explosive courtroom novel based on the life and death of Starr Faithfull - the golden girl who was pursued by scandal.
The Love Thieves by Peter Packer
[NY: Holt, Rinehart & Winston Publishers, 1962]
Flap copy on the hardcover edition:
Starr Faithfull, that was the romantic name of a girl whose body was washed ashore on a Long Island beach one summer day in 1931.... Some people will remember Starr from the lurid headlines of that time - - headlines which told of her mysterious death and of the sensational libel trial that followed. Others will recall her, disguised under the name of "Gloria Wandrous" - - the soiled heroine of Butterfield 8. Now the enigmatic, tragic story of the golden girl gone wrong has been transformed into a spellbinding novel by Peter Packer, a novel that will be as avidly dsicussed as the shocking episode on which it is based.

Was Starr Faithfull [called "Virginia Fuller" in this book] an amoral tramp who broke the hearts of her mother and stepfather? Or was she the innocent victim of parents who ruthlessly robbed her of innocence, dignity, and love? Peter Packer, haunted for many years by these questions, has steeped himself in every aspect of Starr's fateful life. The result is this stunning novel which focuses on a libel suit brought by Virginia's parents against a New York newspaper after her death. Through the breathless courtroom drama of questioning and cross-questioning, lies and pretenses are relentlessly stripped away until the astonishing facts of Virginia's life are slowly revealed. Taunt with suspense and powerfully written, The Love Thieves breathes new life into one fo the most intriguing episodes in the annals of American crime.
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Starr Faithfull.

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